11 Tucked Behind the Ear Hairstyles for Men

Effortless hairstyles can be adopted with a certain amount of patience. A twist in a bun, for example, remains a choice of look for men. It can be worked out further into a ponytail combining the loosely divided sections. It can also be twirled into a tight knot with a hair band or similar accessory. Half pony is another style widely sported by men along with long beards. It is quite simple to divide the hair into two sections; one of them should be horizontal while the other can be tied up with a hair band. You may simply leave a front hair stand out to enhance the coolness quotient.

tucked behind ear hairstyles

short hair tucked behind the ear

long hair tucked behind ears

tucking hair behind ears flirting

hair tucked behind ears tutorial

hair tucked behind ears hairstyle

keep hair tucked behind ears

curly hair tucked behind ears

short hair tucked behind the ears

short hair tucked behind one ear

hairstyles tucked behind the ears

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