6 Evergreen Mens Haircuts That Are Set To Remain At The Top Forever

Apart from the great looking shoes or the leather accessories, it is the hair cut that adds the touch of elegance to your personality. Usually, people judge others based on the hairstyle they sport. Although each year provides a long list of hairstyles that set the trend, there are certain haircuts that have been popular and are set to remain popular in the coming years. Below we compile some of the well-known styles:

From the 50s and the 60s

1950s was an era where fashion bloomed and the concept of glamour hit a new turn. With innovative new hairstyles and haircuts, the era was dominated as well as influenced by celebrities from the music and film industry. Remember the Elvis Presley style? Or the James Dean stylish cut? Both laid the inspiration for the so popular high quiff, slicked back hairstyles, or the pompadour haircut. The other haircuts from this era which is still in vogue include the crew cut, Ivy League, flat top, especially among the young adults. The mens long hairstyles which is also among the popular ones in this era is still sported in beachy areas of California or Hawaii.
Elvis Presley

James Dean

The Wild 1970s

The following era saw the free hairstyles that appeared wild dominate the cultural revolution of the 1970s. Having an untamed look that projects you to stay free and wild included the pompadour largely popular among the Italian Americans. These were also inspired by the movies like Grease and Happy Days. Regent which was sported largely in Japan still stays among the most common hairstyles sported by rogues or gangsters.

Grease and Happy Days


80s the era of mullets

With a lot more innovation and styling, the 1980s saw the emergence of mullets, flattops, hi-top fades, Mohawk hairstyles, etc. Rod Stewart and Paul McCartney were supposedly the brand ambassadors of Mullets. The popular spikes which are so trendy these days were also in fashion clubbed with colored hair or even shaved in sections to offer the punk feel. A widely sported among the hairstyles was the Mohawk and the twisted variant. There were even the use of non-traditional acid colors like green, shocking pink, green, crimson, gaining popularity in young adults. Long mens haircuts sported by rockstars like Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, or Motley Crue are still very much popular today. Last but not the least, Michael Jackson with the Jheri curl hairstyle in the late 80s stays evergreen.

Bon Jovi Hairstyle


Borrowing what was popular yesterday and keeping it fresh today

Like it’s said, history repeats itself, hairstyles do get reinvented and borrowed from the past. The retro look has always been an inspiration for a range of haircuts sported today. Several other haircuts that were so popular in the yesteryears are also a rage today. They include the traditional combovers or the Gaux Hawk hairstyles. In the recent times, it was David Peckham who brought it back to popularity (although with a twist). Ashton Kutcher is another celebrity who brought back the shaggy hairstyle back in popularity. Other options include the California or Hawaii look of the 60s.

Ashton Kutcher shaggy haircut

Gaux Hawk hairstyles

The Carefree look or the rugged look

Another combination that is doing the rounds is the hairstyle coupled with a beard. The style of beard varies from a person to person based on their personal choices. Getting a carefree look that makes you look rebellious and having a worn down to shoulder length look is sexy indeed. Even having a man bun adding a touch of sensitive look gives you a bad look to a guy and is definitely something popular.

Carefree Hairstyle with Beard

Carefree Hairstyle with Beards

Slicked Back look with a Tuxedo

A look that seems destined to remain there forever is the slicked back look to make you look manlier. It is a popular mens haircut when coupled with a tuxedo, leather shoes, and a bow tie. To make your slicked hairstyle look good it would be a wise idea to use hair smoothening products and having your hair pushed back.

Slicked Back hairstyle with a Tuxedo 1

Slicked Back look with a Tuxedo

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