13 Razor Faded Pompadour Hairstyles

It takes only a trained and experienced barber to cut properly for the trendy razor faded pompadour hairstyle. The haircut is basically popular as short length sideways with a longer top. The classical low-mid razor faded pompadour also looks good on teenagers and adults. However, it requires a certain level of barbering prowess which shouldn’t be compromised with. Men of different age groups are increasingly trying out the look. Some of them prefer to have a matching beard to achieve a unique facial appearance. It is suitable for those with long or even medium sized haircuts irrespective of the occasion. Read more about 13 Razor Faded Pompadour Hairstyles

circle beard with stubble

16 Types of Circle Beards for Different Faces

Circle Beards appear the moment your chin hair falls in love with your mustache and ends up joining each other. If this happens to you, it is sheer chance to celebrate the manliness of having a circle beard. Many of us tend to confuse this particular kind of beard with a goatee or a chin […]

blunt style haircuts

11 Blunt Hairstyles that go well with every occasion

Although a cut that has been famous among young men, blunt hairstyle has gone through transformation over the years. Taking a leap from the legacy of being a simple cut, hair stylists have come up with a number of variations. Blunt cut makes it good for a formal affair, even going up for your first job interview or attending the 1st day at college could be the one with a blunt hairstyle. Variations are few but definitely it is worth selecting the option based on the shape of your face or the texture of your hair. Even the color of your hair might be detrimental to the selection. Read more about 11 Blunt Hairstyles that go well with every occasion

edgy boy hairstyles

21 trendy Boy Hairstyles for youngsters

The school kids or the college goers termed in the league of “boys” are today more concerned about the way their hair is styled than ever before. With increased number of styling options over the internet and your nearest salon, boy hairstyles has seen a rapid transformation. Usually, boys tend to love having short hair which is styled or themed over the ones sported by their favorite celebrity or sports star. However, it is no longer the case where they are limited or concerned about trying other variants with both medium and long hairstyles. Some of the hairstyles which go with the current trend and is easy to style have been featured below. Read more about 21 trendy Boy Hairstyles for youngsters

birthday hairstyles step by step

Top 10 Bday hairstyles trending in 2016

A birthday is that special day of the year when the entire world puts a special attention on you. If you like to party and go out for a treat to your family and friends it is worth having a new look for each of your birthday. For men the basic necessity or idea to get a new look every time would be by getting a different haircut for the occasion. We have some recommended Bday hairstyles for you below. These are among the selected variants which have popular in the recent times. Read more about Top 10 Bday hairstyles trending in 2016

wedding hairstyles elegant

11 Wedding hairstyles to look out for

The day of your wedding is probably the most anticipated and loveliest day of your life. You sure would love to look at your best on that very day by wearing the best outfits and sporting the best hairstyle. Wedding hairstyles are a must to evaluate and carefully craft a few months before the actual date. Men should make sure that they are clear in their minds about the best suited hairstyle that will make them look the best. After all it is a day which you would be cherishing the most. Besides, the following hairstyles can definitely be an inspiration for other men who are going to attend a wedding of their friend or relative. Read more about 11 Wedding hairstyles to look out for

hairstyles for a casual dance

15 Casual Hairstyles to try out

Casual Hairstyles is something that are needed to be sported every day. These need to be simple enough to maintain but should also give a rich and stylish look to every men. Varieties might be endless when it comes to casual hairstyles but it is up to you to select the perfect one for yourself. Factors to consider while selecting a casual hairstyle for yourself would include your skin tone, hair color, face shape and the length of the hair. Browsing the pictures below can give you a rough idea about the possible options which are best suited for you while considering the characteristics mentioned above. Casual hairstyles easy to maintain can be both suited for your office and home. Read more about 15 Casual Hairstyles to try out

hairstyles for dark hair and pale skin

12 Best suited Hairstyles for Dark Hair

Men who have a dark hair are often said to be gifted when it comes to hair color. Dark hair needs minimal efforts to keep them looking stylish but it is the kind of styling that matters. Short or even the longer variants is something which has been in vogue among men having dark hair. Now the color might vary from black, brown, gray or even white. We have compiled a quick collection of images which are best suited for hairstyles dark hair would look the best with. They have been categorized under different color heads to make it simpler for people to relate to their hair directly and visualize as how it might appear when they might sport it. Read more about 12 Best suited Hairstyles for Dark Hair

10 Best Celebrity Hairstyles with Grey Hair

Grey is a color that is bound to appear on your hair at a point of your life. It is up to you to decide if that should be left at its natural color or get an artificial coloring. Remarkably there have been a number of celebrities who are not at all worried about sporting a grey hairstyle, that too with the best confidence. To replicate the same confidence and sport the stylish celebrity hairstyles for grey hair, it will be a good idea to check out some of the most confident and stylish looking options from the entertainment arena. Read more about 10 Best Celebrity Hairstyles with Grey Hair