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9 Game of Thrones inspired Hairstyles

Running into its 5th Season, Game of Thrones has been one of the few television series that has reached virtually every country. The series definitely leaves you biting your nails and wondering what next could happen. The other thing that has struck the fans is the costumes, styling and the hairstyles which the characters have sported in the series in virtually every season. The epic styles bestowed with style, grandeur and creativity is something which has caught the eyes of the viewer. Here are some styles which might be something you would like to experiment with from the hairstyles in games of thrones. Read more about 9 Game of Thrones inspired Hairstyles

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16 Hairstyles half up half down

Half up half down hairstyle which is also termed as half bun is a revolutionary style that has caught the eye of both men and women. It does look sexy and sporting it needs you to grow your hair long and preferably very long. A laid back look, this hairstyle is a preferred option for men who love to keep their hair free yet not be something that might irritate them at work. Styling it doesn’t need much to be done but yes strictly be in the way it needs to be done. Some of the pictures which give you an idea about the ways to style hairstyles half up half down can be seen below. Read more about 16 Hairstyles half up half down

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39 Good Hairstyles For a Square Face

You might be aspiring to get a new style sported by your favorite celebrity, but the most important factor to consider before getting the cut is the shape of your face. Not every haircut would suit almost every other face. Hence, if you have a square face and is trying to search the web for hairstyles that look good on a square face, then we would recommend browsing the following pictures. Usually having a medium length hair or even short spiked hair might be one of the probable options to go for. Read more about 39 Good Hairstyles For a Square Face

10 Of the Best Silver Fox Hairstyles For Men

From actors to soccer coaches and models to journalists, the silver fox look is trending everywhere. Often adults and middle-aged men are found to be sporting this look. There is no need to do intensive styling through hair products and styling techniques. Those willing to achieve the look can just make the most of their grey or salt and pepper hair. Variations can be tried out with people having curly and wavy hair. It gives a decent gentleman look which is expected of aging adult or middle aged men. Irrespective of facial shape, length and type of hair, this look is unlikely to go out of fashion any sooner. Read more about 10 Of the Best Silver Fox Hairstyles For Men

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12 Super Curly Hairstyles For Men

Men gifted with curly hair can sport the coiffed look. In this case, the topmost part is long enough to provide style texture and movement. It may not create an overwhelming volume of hair. Natural waves can be styled up to suit the need of different occasions. Groomed texture refers to long and curly hair reaching up to the collar. Short defined curls would go better with a tight curl pattern and the style can be sported for a number of occasions. Fully long curls would go well along the number of occasions and may also balance out round shaped face. Read more about 12 Super Curly Hairstyles For Men

26 Best Side Part Hairstyles

Those seeking a timeless hairstyle can go ahead with different side part hairstyles. It can be categorized under various types of side part haircuts such as classic. This type of side part is a clean haircut and quite conservative as sported by grandpas. It also suits a range of occasions, office meetings and professional gatherings. A looser and wilder version is the new generation modern side part hairstyle. It gives a natural appeal to hair and all the strands aren’t combed down forcefully. Men with a beard can also sport them as it suits a wide selection of facial structures. Many celebrities also sport the look consistently. Read more about 26 Best Side Part Hairstyles

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13 Inspiring Straight and Long Hairstyles

Going with a hairstyle which suits the natural texture or a proper haircut is crucial in terms of maintaining long locks. For example, the twist in the bun can be a good choice for those who would like work it into a ponytail. You need to just pull up 50% of your hair by dividing the hair into two sections horizontally. Semi bun is again a great choice for those with a devil may care attitude. If you are laid back types, go for this semi-urban hairstyle. You may simply sport a frontal strand of hair out for achieving an effortless coolness. Read more about 13 Inspiring Straight and Long Hairstyles

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Top 37 Thick and Shiny Hairstyles For Men

Men with thick hair can experiment with a wide range of hairstyles. Short haircuts and styling the hair spiky is a highly sported look in all the seasons. Even a neat side sweep can fit into many types of dress codes. Elongated top hair can be lifted and sideways trimmed to achieve a look. An accent along the quiff can be a well presentable hairstyle. Similarly, the thatch with high shine finish can be enhanced with clear short sides. Wavy hair provides a feel of movement and adds liveliness to the hair irrespective of being long or medium. Read more about Top 37 Thick and Shiny Hairstyles For Men

10 Tidy and Parted on the Side

Free flowing and volumous hair can be parted sideways to achieve a number of looks. By growing the hair till chin length, tidy and parted sideways look can be achieved. You can also do a light layering or even texturizing to have an added movement. A clear slick look along with hair rolled back with […]