10 Best Celebrity Hairstyles with Grey Hair

Grey is a color that is bound to appear on your hair at a point of your life. It is up to you to decide if that should be left at its natural color or get an artificial coloring. Remarkably there have been a number of celebrities who are not at all worried about sporting a grey hairstyle, that too with the best confidence. To replicate the same confidence and sport the stylish celebrity hairstyles for grey hair, it will be a good idea to check out some of the most confident and stylish looking options from the entertainment arena. Read more about 10 Best Celebrity Hairstyles with Grey Hair

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9 Game of Thrones inspired Hairstyles

Running into its 5th Season, Game of Thrones has been one of the few television series that has reached virtually every country. The series definitely leaves you biting your nails and wondering what next could happen. The other thing that has struck the fans is the costumes, styling and the hairstyles which the characters have sported in the series in virtually every season. The epic styles bestowed with style, grandeur and creativity is something which has caught the eyes of the viewer. Here are some styles which might be something you would like to experiment with from the hairstyles in games of thrones. Read more about 9 Game of Thrones inspired Hairstyles

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Getting A Ronaldo Haircut: Tips and more

Among the many inspirations from the football fraternity, Cristiano Ronaldo is one such idol that is a fashion icon for many. Especially, it is a set of younger generation that is so fond of the star and follow his style and fashion religiously. Ever since he made it huge in the world of football, he […]

6 Evergreen Mens Haircuts That Are Set To Remain At The Top Forever

Apart from the great looking shoes or the leather accessories, it is the hair cut that adds the touch of elegance to your personality. Usually, people judge others based on the hairstyle they sport. Although each year provides a long list of hairstyles that set the trend, there are certain haircuts that have been popular and are set to remain popular in the coming years. Below we compile some of the well-known styles: Read more about 6 Evergreen Mens Haircuts That Are Set To Remain At The Top Forever