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16 Hairstyles half up half down

Half up half down hairstyle which is also termed as half bun is a revolutionary style that has caught the eye of both men and women. It does look sexy and sporting it needs you to grow your hair long and preferably very long. A laid back look, this hairstyle is a preferred option for men who love to keep their hair free yet not be something that might irritate them at work. Styling it doesn’t need much to be done but yes strictly be in the way it needs to be done. Some of the pictures which give you an idea about the ways to style hairstyles half up half down can be seen below. Read more about 16 Hairstyles half up half down

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13 Inspiring Straight and Long Hairstyles

Going with a hairstyle which suits the natural texture or a proper haircut is crucial in terms of maintaining long locks. For example, the twist in the bun can be a good choice for those who would like work it into a ponytail. You need to just pull up 50% of your hair by dividing the hair into two sections horizontally. Semi bun is again a great choice for those with a devil may care attitude. If you are laid back types, go for this semi-urban hairstyle. You may simply sport a frontal strand of hair out for achieving an effortless coolness. Read more about 13 Inspiring Straight and Long Hairstyles

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Top 21 Long Hairstyles for Men

Choosing the best haircut for an occasion can be challenging with so many options. Growing a long hair itself can help you give a style statement. Allowing the hair length to go past the shoulders should be done by those with straight and thick hair. It may take some time to grow the hair and then style, but will be low on maintenance.  Flow & comb is another look which can be sported by working professionals. You may also walk on the red carpet keeping the hair longer on both sides and the front. Bed head mop is also a frequently sported look by the young generation. Read more about Top 21 Long Hairstyles for Men

11 Tucked Behind the Ear Hairstyles for Men

Effortless hairstyles can be adopted with a certain amount of patience. A twist in a bun, for example, remains a choice of look for men. It can be worked out further into a ponytail combining the loosely divided sections. It can also be twirled into a tight knot with a hair band or similar accessory. Half pony is another style widely sported by men along with long beards. It is quite simple to divide the hair into two sections; one of them should be horizontal while the other can be tied up with a hair band. You may simply leave a front hair stand out to enhance the coolness quotient. Read more about 11 Tucked Behind the Ear Hairstyles for Men

8 Trendy Undercut Buns or Top Knots

The undercut and man burn styles are combined to achieve the top knot aka undercut bun look. This trend is gradually gaining popularity over the years. Some youngsters prefer this look with grown out beard, tattoos and even piercings. Women are also seen at times convincing their fiancé to grow their hair in similar fashion for some fantasy at home. Men with curly or away hair can also go for the look if they’re in a mood of experimentation. You can also carry a clean shaven look with this kind of hair style to highlight other facial features. Read more about 8 Trendy Undercut Buns or Top Knots

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21 Wavy Cut Hairstyles

If you have wavy hair, a wide range of hairstyles are achievable. With so much of flexibility, the wavy hair would grow out straight to take a bend eventually. Long at the top and short at the sides look would be great. It is usually the same with length towards the front look with middle parting or side swept. The free spirited look gives you a bold and larger than life appeal. With the medium length of hair, putting some effort can give decent results. Keeping a long and hanging appearance along with beard would also give you a unique and mysterious look. Read more about 21 Wavy Cut Hairstyles

18 Best Man Buns Worth Trying Out

The man bun is a refreshingly new hairstyle that challenges the stereotypes. Several men are growing their locks long enough to achieve the look. In this case, the hair is normally pulled backwards from the forehead. Afterwards, it is just tied up along the centre of head while there may be some hair left out. It can be simply confused with topknot at times or may be turned into a bit of mess. You can also slick the top of hair backwards and make it a tidy bun. It should be combined with a decent suit and tie which may give a professional and edgy look. You may try any of the following man bun styles below: Read more about 18 Best Man Buns Worth Trying Out

6 Simple Man Bob Hairstyles for Everyday

Man bob style is almost the buzz of town. Men with long hair are increasingly spotted sporting it with triangular and oval shaped faces. Celebrities like Kurt Cobain and Johnny Depp have popularized the look. It also brings an intrigue and mysterious appearance when paired with stubble. Many actors, businessmen and musicians switch to these looks frequently. Riding a motorcycle can be a greater adventure with such a hairstyle. The geeky middle part bob is also a very popularly sported style these days. With salt and pepper style beard, the man bob style would further enhance your look taking you to a different personality. Read more about 6 Simple Man Bob Hairstyles for Everyday

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25 Beachy Hairstyles for Men

Salt, sand and water can be a great combination to enjoy with a trendy hairstyle. The beach style hair has lasted since the late 60s till now. Shaggy and tussled hairdo has been sported by beach goers especially during summer or late summer. Gels, wax and pomades go into the making of the trendy hairstyle sported by men of different age groups. Some changes have occurred through the years with the surfer hair accommodating slight to high variations. Nowadays, it is usually short and long layered hair which hits the shoulders. Parted to side and middle, creating the look is really easy with proper hair products and styling techniques.          Read more about 25 Beachy Hairstyles for Men