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Top 14 Business Casual Short Hairstyles

The trend to have short and stylish hairstyle is becoming quite popular with men. Such styles add to their glamor and personality. Besides many corporate sectors are favoring stylish short hair styles for their employees that are perfect for any casual board meeting and other official events. Some of the popular styles have been mentioned below: Read more about Top 14 Business Casual Short Hairstyles

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Top 24 Unique Shaggy Hairstyles for Men

Shaggy Hairstyles for guys is widely sported by people who are artistic and rebellious. It is usually layered cutting of hair in lengths varying from long, medium to short. However, make sure the eyes aren’t covered as a result for it may look embarrassing. It is really easy to shift to this hairstyle for those possessing thick hair. Curly hairs are the ones which can be really difficult to maintain and style on a day to day basis. Visit a hairstylist and get a haircut which compliments your mirthful nature to a greater extent. Thick hairs with shaggy haircuts are well sported by young people. Read more about Top 24 Unique Shaggy Hairstyles for Men

11 Tucked Behind the Ear Hairstyles for Men

Effortless hairstyles can be adopted with a certain amount of patience. A twist in a bun, for example, remains a choice of look for men. It can be worked out further into a ponytail combining the loosely divided sections. It can also be twirled into a tight knot with a hair band or similar accessory. Half pony is another style widely sported by men along with long beards. It is quite simple to divide the hair into two sections; one of them should be horizontal while the other can be tied up with a hair band. You may simply leave a front hair stand out to enhance the coolness quotient. Read more about 11 Tucked Behind the Ear Hairstyles for Men

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21 Wavy Cut Hairstyles

If you have wavy hair, a wide range of hairstyles are achievable. With so much of flexibility, the wavy hair would grow out straight to take a bend eventually. Long at the top and short at the sides look would be great. It is usually the same with length towards the front look with middle parting or side swept. The free spirited look gives you a bold and larger than life appeal. With the medium length of hair, putting some effort can give decent results. Keeping a long and hanging appearance along with beard would also give you a unique and mysterious look. Read more about 21 Wavy Cut Hairstyles

3 Hipster Cred Hairstyles

One of the most popular hairstyles, the hipster works across men of different age groups. For straight and wavy hair, it goes fine. It is almost the same with fine, thick and medium hair. The sides and back need to remain of medium length, while top and side ratio should be 2:1. You can just let the hair grow and move past the shoulders. Wait for eight to ten weeks after a haircut to achieve this kind of look. Flow and combed hairstyle is the look which can be carried out with casual, formal and traditional wears. It becomes easier in case the hair is wavy and super curly. Read more about 3 Hipster Cred Hairstyles

5 Multi-Textured Mane Hairstyles

Multi-textured hair is something that’s inherited by people across cultures. It provides versatility with shorter sides and complete fringes which can be swept up or worn down to achieve a fresh look. Round shaped, oval and ever square faced people can go for the look which works best with medium hair. Longer length in parts needs to be smoothened down while short layers should be controlled for a natural or even touchable hold. A messy kind of look can be achieved with such hairstyles irrespective of hair length and type. Thin mane could be sleek and baby soft and needs to be handled carefully. Read more about 5 Multi-Textured Mane Hairstyles

4 Preppy Pomp Hairstyles to Try This Season

A refreshing take on the classic tailored haircut, it gives plenty of options to style the fringes. Preppy pomp hairstyles are suitable for men possessing fine to thick natural hair. For oval, square and rectangular face, this hairstyle will help in achieving the desired look. For additional highlighting and greater hold, you can apply a hair lotion and a sculpting spray. You may also apply natural oil based products to have a healthy scalp. Be it a professional meeting, casual gathering or party, this hairstyle will surely turn heads. Take your personality to the next level with this controlled thick hair look. Read more about 4 Preppy Pomp Hairstyles to Try This Season

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18 Great Pompadour Hairstyles For Men

Pompadour can be observed as the newest trend in men’s hairstyle. It is well accepted and sported by businessmen, celebrities, students and hipsters all over the world. Although, it was initially hyped as a female hairstyle as per historical sources, men started loving it after the hairstyle was sported by Elvis Presley. A regular pompadour has short sides with hair swept backwards and upwards. With the passage of time, the look has turned more versatile to fit a range of hair styling techniques. The variations achieved so far suits different face shapes, career and lifestyles.  It can create an edgy and sensuous feel which attracts the opposite gender. Read more about 18 Great Pompadour Hairstyles For Men

5 Flared Fringe to turn heads around

Whether semi-thick or thick hair, the flared fringe allows you to play with your hair. Have tight sidings to get a unique look and prepare the damp hair by applying light texturing lotion. You can just style the sides and back into a downward motion. Have it just a way up and also back with crown area sticking straight for maximum volume. Whether you have a round, square or oval face, you can get a long lasting lift with the use proper hair products and styling techniques. Use a fringe enhancing lotion to keep it more soft and relaxed. Read more about 5 Flared Fringe to turn heads around

10 Great Euro Styles to Try in 2016

Euro Style hairstyles are widely sported by people all over the globe. One of the haircuts, side-parted ones are embraced for their minimal effort and the ease of maintaining it on a daily basis. In medium length hair, the side swept look is very common these days. Ivy League hairstyle is another popular way to part the hair on either side. Brushed up hair would also be easy to style up and hair products can be used to ensure its original shape for a longer period of time. The simple casual hairdo for men also helps them in maintaining a stylish look. It requires low maintenance and easily achievable.     Read more about 10 Great Euro Styles to Try in 2016