boho waves hair tutorial

9 Classic Boho Wave Hairstyles for Men

Men aiming for a sexy and romantic look need to consider the boho hairstyle. It provides them with a unique look having luxurious curls that bring life to hair. Irrespective of curl size, it gives movement enough to enhance the overall facial look. The boho wave hairstyle can also provide you with comfort while swimming and sunbathing. A vintage shade or similar accessory would go well with such classic hairstyles. There is also room for a little bit of experimentation by twisting and tucking the locks. When the temperatures are soaring up in summer, these hairstyles are quite popular for giving a relaxed outdoor experience.     Read more about 9 Classic Boho Wave Hairstyles for Men

40 Easy Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

There are some hairstyles which evoke an unforgettable feeling. The slick haircut for men is one of them which are quite suitable to medium sized hair. You can simply slick it back with a choice of pomade and achieve the look which never goes out of trend. Sweeping hair to the side provides a great look for those with medium sized hair. With the use of matte finish product, it is possible to achieve a natural look. Short sides fringe, brushed back and man bun undercut are some presently featuring trends. Maintaining trimmed sides is extremely essential for a clean and nice look. Among all the medium length celebrity inspired hairstyles have been a common trend which people have been following since ages.  Read more about 40 Easy Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

the cool brushed up hairstyle

12 Stylish Brushed up Hairstyles

To achieve this hairstyle, the back and sides can be trimmed as a way to brush up. Both the sides and back portion of the hair remains short while the top hair is lifted up. The hair lifting on top is done to create a bigger mess compared to just spiking your hair. An upward vertical volume is achievable by lifting them up through fingers. It is a look which came into the buzz after sported by Justin Beiber, a celebrity with massive following around the globe. However, it is equally important to use the right kind of quality hair product and styling techniques to achieve this look.    Read more about 12 Stylish Brushed up Hairstyles