13 Razor Faded Pompadour Hairstyles

It takes only a trained and experienced barber to cut properly for the trendy razor faded pompadour hairstyle. The haircut is basically popular as short length sideways with a longer top. The classical low-mid razor faded pompadour also looks good on teenagers and adults. However, it requires a certain level of barbering prowess which shouldn’t be compromised with. Men of different age groups are increasingly trying out the look. Some of them prefer to have a matching beard to achieve a unique facial appearance. It is suitable for those with long or even medium sized haircuts irrespective of the occasion. Read more about 13 Razor Faded Pompadour Hairstyles

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11 Blunt Hairstyles that go well with every occasion

Although a cut that has been famous among young men, blunt hairstyle has gone through transformation over the years. Taking a leap from the legacy of being a simple cut, hair stylists have come up with a number of variations. Blunt cut makes it good for a formal affair, even going up for your first job interview or attending the 1st day at college could be the one with a blunt hairstyle. Variations are few but definitely it is worth selecting the option based on the shape of your face or the texture of your hair. Even the color of your hair might be detrimental to the selection. Read more about 11 Blunt Hairstyles that go well with every occasion

10 Of the Best Silver Fox Hairstyles For Men

From actors to soccer coaches and models to journalists, the silver fox look is trending everywhere. Often adults and middle-aged men are found to be sporting this look. There is no need to do intensive styling through hair products and styling techniques. Those willing to achieve the look can just make the most of their grey or salt and pepper hair. Variations can be tried out with people having curly and wavy hair. It gives a decent gentleman look which is expected of aging adult or middle aged men. Irrespective of facial shape, length and type of hair, this look is unlikely to go out of fashion any sooner. Read more about 10 Of the Best Silver Fox Hairstyles For Men

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Top 21 Short Hairstyles for Men

The popular short hairstyles for men primarily include the following mentioned below: Angular Fringe This look involves cutting the side hair of the head and allowing the growth of frontal hair with slight angular cutting. Spikes This particular style has become quite popular and involves using gel to fix the hair firmly in a single […]

11 Tucked Behind the Ear Hairstyles for Men

Effortless hairstyles can be adopted with a certain amount of patience. A twist in a bun, for example, remains a choice of look for men. It can be worked out further into a ponytail combining the loosely divided sections. It can also be twirled into a tight knot with a hair band or similar accessory. Half pony is another style widely sported by men along with long beards. It is quite simple to divide the hair into two sections; one of them should be horizontal while the other can be tied up with a hair band. You may simply leave a front hair stand out to enhance the coolness quotient. Read more about 11 Tucked Behind the Ear Hairstyles for Men

6 Simple Man Bob Hairstyles for Everyday

Man bob style is almost the buzz of town. Men with long hair are increasingly spotted sporting it with triangular and oval shaped faces. Celebrities like Kurt Cobain and Johnny Depp have popularized the look. It also brings an intrigue and mysterious appearance when paired with stubble. Many actors, businessmen and musicians switch to these looks frequently. Riding a motorcycle can be a greater adventure with such a hairstyle. The geeky middle part bob is also a very popularly sported style these days. With salt and pepper style beard, the man bob style would further enhance your look taking you to a different personality. Read more about 6 Simple Man Bob Hairstyles for Everyday

8 Celebrity Styled Classic Right Note Hairstyle

The slicked back sides and shinny finishes can give a vintage feel. Classic right note look goes well with men with oval, round or square faces. Apart from big, people with medium hair can also sport them. To start off, apply a light thick lotion and blow dry hair in order to vent brush. Any light hair spray can be used in order to complete the look. Apart from clean shaven, the light beard face would also go well with this haircut. Thus, it can be worn in various avatars and the method of achieving the look is also relatively easy. Read more about 8 Celebrity Styled Classic Right Note Hairstyle

6 Inspiring Classic Undercut Hairstyles

Undercut hairstyles can provide a modern look which never goes out of fashion. It is possible to add some layers to the haircut along the undercut side. Similarly, the possibilities remain endless with options like sideways swipe, brushing up or even remain disconnected. It is both individualistic and flexible to a great extent which makes it easy to sport a classic and futuristic look. The look is greatly borrowed from the 1940s era and it can be worn innumerable ways. Students, young businessmen and sportsmen suit really well in classic undercut hairstyle. Irrespective of the hair being curly or wavy, this style is for all the masses.

Read more about 6 Inspiring Classic Undercut Hairstyles

37 Unique Buzz Cuts of all Time

The buzz cut for men has been a choicest look to sport irrespective of the seasons. Army men and even celebrities have embraced the low maintenance haircut. Not having to worry about constantly touching and casually styling your hair is a better way out. For the receding hairlines, the buzz cut can provide a suitable masculine look. To avoid the monotony and boredom, you may also sport the faded buzz cut. These haircuts can also vary in terms of length which means there is a possibility of experimenting. It can be also maintained without a visit to the barber’s shop.

Read more about 37 Unique Buzz Cuts of all Time

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38 Popular Fade Hairstyles for Men

The new generation is already obsessive about the fade hairstyles. Walk down the street, watch TV commercials or read a magazine, there are chances of coming across people sporting the look. A hell lot of barbering expertise goes into making the haircuts happen. With a low fade, the hairs disappear half way by the sides and backwards. On the other hand, mid fade is quite popular with the military and has also caught the imagination of the mainstream culture. The scissors fade is another look achievable without appearing fresh out of the barbershop. The high fade haircut is also popular with footballers, tattoo artists and youth.  Read more about 38 Popular Fade Hairstyles for Men