13 Razor Faded Pompadour Hairstyles

It takes only a trained and experienced barber to cut properly for the trendy razor faded pompadour hairstyle. The haircut is basically popular as short length sideways with a longer top. The classical low-mid razor faded pompadour also looks good on teenagers and adults. However, it requires a certain level of barbering prowess which shouldn’t be compromised with. Men of different age groups are increasingly trying out the look. Some of them prefer to have a matching beard to achieve a unique facial appearance. It is suitable for those with long or even medium sized haircuts irrespective of the occasion. Read more about 13 Razor Faded Pompadour Hairstyles

blunt style haircuts

11 Blunt Hairstyles that go well with every occasion

Although a cut that has been famous among young men, blunt hairstyle has gone through transformation over the years. Taking a leap from the legacy of being a simple cut, hair stylists have come up with a number of variations. Blunt cut makes it good for a formal affair, even going up for your first job interview or attending the 1st day at college could be the one with a blunt hairstyle. Variations are few but definitely it is worth selecting the option based on the shape of your face or the texture of your hair. Even the color of your hair might be detrimental to the selection. Read more about 11 Blunt Hairstyles that go well with every occasion

super easy curly hairstyles

12 Super Curly Hairstyles For Men

Men gifted with curly hair can sport the coiffed look. In this case, the topmost part is long enough to provide style texture and movement. It may not create an overwhelming volume of hair. Natural waves can be styled up to suit the need of different occasions. Groomed texture refers to long and curly hair reaching up to the collar. Short defined curls would go better with a tight curl pattern and the style can be sported for a number of occasions. Fully long curls would go well along the number of occasions and may also balance out round shaped face. Read more about 12 Super Curly Hairstyles For Men

mens straight long hairstyles 2016

13 Inspiring Straight and Long Hairstyles

Going with a hairstyle which suits the natural texture or a proper haircut is crucial in terms of maintaining long locks. For example, the twist in the bun can be a good choice for those who would like work it into a ponytail. You need to just pull up 50% of your hair by dividing the hair into two sections horizontally. Semi bun is again a great choice for those with a devil may care attitude. If you are laid back types, go for this semi-urban hairstyle. You may simply sport a frontal strand of hair out for achieving an effortless coolness. Read more about 13 Inspiring Straight and Long Hairstyles

thick hairstyles for oval faces

Top 37 Thick and Shiny Hairstyles For Men

Men with thick hair can experiment with a wide range of hairstyles. Short haircuts and styling the hair spiky is a highly sported look in all the seasons. Even a neat side sweep can fit into many types of dress codes. Elongated top hair can be lifted and sideways trimmed to achieve a look. An accent along the quiff can be a well presentable hairstyle. Similarly, the thatch with high shine finish can be enhanced with clear short sides. Wavy hair provides a feel of movement and adds liveliness to the hair irrespective of being long or medium. Read more about Top 37 Thick and Shiny Hairstyles For Men

short shaggy hairstyles curly hair

Top 24 Unique Shaggy Hairstyles for Men

Shaggy Hairstyles for guys is widely sported by people who are artistic and rebellious. It is usually layered cutting of hair in lengths varying from long, medium to short. However, make sure the eyes aren’t covered as a result for it may look embarrassing. It is really easy to shift to this hairstyle for those possessing thick hair. Curly hairs are the ones which can be really difficult to maintain and style on a day to day basis. Visit a hairstylist and get a haircut which compliments your mirthful nature to a greater extent. Thick hairs with shaggy haircuts are well sported by young people. Read more about Top 24 Unique Shaggy Hairstyles for Men

37 Unique Buzz Cuts of all Time

The buzz cut for men has been a choicest look to sport irrespective of the seasons. Army men and even celebrities have embraced the low maintenance haircut. Not having to worry about constantly touching and casually styling your hair is a better way out. For the receding hairlines, the buzz cut can provide a suitable masculine look. To avoid the monotony and boredom, you may also sport the faded buzz cut. These haircuts can also vary in terms of length which means there is a possibility of experimenting. It can be also maintained without a visit to the barber’s shop.

Read more about 37 Unique Buzz Cuts of all Time