edgy boy hairstyles

21 trendy Boy Hairstyles for youngsters

The school kids or the college goers termed in the league of “boys” are today more concerned about the way their hair is styled than ever before. With increased number of styling options over the internet and your nearest salon, boy hairstyles has seen a rapid transformation. Usually, boys tend to love having short hair which is styled or themed over the ones sported by their favorite celebrity or sports star. However, it is no longer the case where they are limited or concerned about trying other variants with both medium and long hairstyles. Some of the hairstyles which go with the current trend and is easy to style have been featured below. Read more about 21 trendy Boy Hairstyles for youngsters

birthday hairstyles step by step

Top 10 Bday hairstyles trending in 2016

A birthday is that special day of the year when the entire world puts a special attention on you. If you like to party and go out for a treat to your family and friends it is worth having a new look for each of your birthday. For men the basic necessity or idea to get a new look every time would be by getting a different haircut for the occasion. We have some recommended Bday hairstyles for you below. These are among the selected variants which have popular in the recent times. Read more about Top 10 Bday hairstyles trending in 2016

wedding hairstyles elegant

11 Wedding hairstyles to look out for

The day of your wedding is probably the most anticipated and loveliest day of your life. You sure would love to look at your best on that very day by wearing the best outfits and sporting the best hairstyle. Wedding hairstyles are a must to evaluate and carefully craft a few months before the actual date. Men should make sure that they are clear in their minds about the best suited hairstyle that will make them look the best. After all it is a day which you would be cherishing the most. Besides, the following hairstyles can definitely be an inspiration for other men who are going to attend a wedding of their friend or relative. Read more about 11 Wedding hairstyles to look out for

prom hairstyles half up half down curly

16 Hairstyles half up half down

Half up half down hairstyle which is also termed as half bun is a revolutionary style that has caught the eye of both men and women. It does look sexy and sporting it needs you to grow your hair long and preferably very long. A laid back look, this hairstyle is a preferred option for men who love to keep their hair free yet not be something that might irritate them at work. Styling it doesn’t need much to be done but yes strictly be in the way it needs to be done. Some of the pictures which give you an idea about the ways to style hairstyles half up half down can be seen below. Read more about 16 Hairstyles half up half down

10 Tidy and Parted on the Side

Free flowing and volumous hair can be parted sideways to achieve a number of looks. By growing the hair till chin length, tidy and parted sideways look can be achieved. You can also do a light layering or even texturizing to have an added movement. A clear slick look along with hair rolled back with […]

long hairstyles for prom

Top 21 Long Hairstyles for Men

Choosing the best haircut for an occasion can be challenging with so many options. Growing a long hair itself can help you give a style statement. Allowing the hair length to go past the shoulders should be done by those with straight and thick hair. It may take some time to grow the hair and then style, but will be low on maintenance.  Flow & comb is another look which can be sported by working professionals. You may also walk on the red carpet keeping the hair longer on both sides and the front. Bed head mop is also a frequently sported look by the young generation. Read more about Top 21 Long Hairstyles for Men