26 Best Side Part Hairstyles

Those seeking a timeless hairstyle can go ahead with different side part hairstyles. It can be categorized under various types of side part haircuts such as classic. This type of side part is a clean haircut and quite conservative as sported by grandpas. It also suits a range of occasions, office meetings and professional gatherings. A looser and wilder version is the new generation modern side part hairstyle. It gives a natural appeal to hair and all the strands aren’t combed down forcefully. Men with a beard can also sport them as it suits a wide selection of facial structures. Many celebrities also sport the look consistently. Read more about 26 Best Side Part Hairstyles

10 Tidy and Parted on the Side

Free flowing and volumous hair can be parted sideways to achieve a number of looks. By growing the hair till chin length, tidy and parted sideways look can be achieved. You can also do a light layering or even texturizing to have an added movement. A clear slick look along with hair rolled back with […]