13 Razor Faded Pompadour Hairstyles

It takes only a trained and experienced barber to cut properly for the trendy razor faded pompadour hairstyle. The haircut is basically popular as short length sideways with a longer top. The classical low-mid razor faded pompadour also looks good on teenagers and adults. However, it requires a certain level of barbering prowess which shouldn’t be compromised with. Men of different age groups are increasingly trying out the look. Some of them prefer to have a matching beard to achieve a unique facial appearance. It is suitable for those with long or even medium sized haircuts irrespective of the occasion. Read more about 13 Razor Faded Pompadour Hairstyles

8 Trendy Undercut Buns or Top Knots

The undercut and man burn styles are combined to achieve the top knot aka undercut bun look. This trend is gradually gaining popularity over the years. Some youngsters prefer this look with grown out beard, tattoos and even piercings. Women are also seen at times convincing their fiancé to grow their hair in similar fashion for some fantasy at home. Men with curly or away hair can also go for the look if they’re in a mood of experimentation. You can also carry a clean shaven look with this kind of hair style to highlight other facial features. Read more about 8 Trendy Undercut Buns or Top Knots

6 Inspiring Classic Undercut Hairstyles

Undercut hairstyles can provide a modern look which never goes out of fashion. It is possible to add some layers to the haircut along the undercut side. Similarly, the possibilities remain endless with options like sideways swipe, brushing up or even remain disconnected. It is both individualistic and flexible to a great extent which makes it easy to sport a classic and futuristic look. The look is greatly borrowed from the 1940s era and it can be worn innumerable ways. Students, young businessmen and sportsmen suit really well in classic undercut hairstyle. Irrespective of the hair being curly or wavy, this style is for all the masses.

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