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21 Wavy Cut Hairstyles

If you have wavy hair, a wide range of hairstyles are achievable. With so much of flexibility, the wavy hair would grow out straight to take a bend eventually. Long at the top and short at the sides look would be great. It is usually the same with length towards the front look with middle parting or side swept. The free spirited look gives you a bold and larger than life appeal. With the medium length of hair, putting some effort can give decent results. Keeping a long and hanging appearance along with beard would also give you a unique and mysterious look. Read more about 21 Wavy Cut Hairstyles

demi wave hairstyle

Top 29 Curl and Wave Hairstyles for Men

Curly and wavy hair provides the opportunity to experiment with a range of hairstyles. For example, the coiffed curls have a long enough top to achieve the style movement. Natural waves can be suitable for those seeking a blend of professional and casual feel. Grow the curly hair a bit longer to achieve a sleek and polished look. Hair with tight curl pattern should go for short defined curls to get a gentleman look. It may suit a range of face shapes like round, square, triangular and more. Fully long curls can be turned into a sensuous hairstyle which will have the opposite sex buzzing. Read more about Top 29 Curl and Wave Hairstyles for Men

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9 Classic Boho Wave Hairstyles for Men

Men aiming for a sexy and romantic look need to consider the boho hairstyle. It provides them with a unique look having luxurious curls that bring life to hair. Irrespective of curl size, it gives movement enough to enhance the overall facial look. The boho wave hairstyle can also provide you with comfort while swimming and sunbathing. A vintage shade or similar accessory would go well with such classic hairstyles. There is also room for a little bit of experimentation by twisting and tucking the locks. When the temperatures are soaring up in summer, these hairstyles are quite popular for giving a relaxed outdoor experience.     Read more about 9 Classic Boho Wave Hairstyles for Men