6 Evergreen Mens Haircuts That Are Set To Remain At The Top Forever

Apart from the great looking shoes or the leather accessories, it is the hair cut that adds the touch of elegance to your personality. Usually, people judge others based on the hairstyle they sport. Although each year provides a long list of hairstyles that set the trend, there are certain haircuts that have been popular and are set to remain popular in the coming years. Below we compile some of the well-known styles: Read more about 6 Evergreen Mens Haircuts That Are Set To Remain At The Top Forever

long hairstyles for prom

Top 21 Long Hairstyles for Men

Choosing the best haircut for an occasion can be challenging with so many options. Growing a long hair itself can help you give a style statement. Allowing the hair length to go past the shoulders should be done by those with straight and thick hair. It may take some time to grow the hair and then style, but will be low on maintenance.  Flow & comb is another look which can be sported by working professionals. You may also walk on the red carpet keeping the hair longer on both sides and the front. Bed head mop is also a frequently sported look by the young generation. Read more about Top 21 Long Hairstyles for Men

Slicked back hairstyle

Top 14 Business Casual Short Hairstyles

The trend to have short and stylish hairstyle is becoming quite popular with men. Such styles add to their glamor and personality. Besides many corporate sectors are favoring stylish short hair styles for their employees that are perfect for any casual board meeting and other official events. Some of the popular styles have been mentioned below: Read more about Top 14 Business Casual Short Hairstyles

short shaggy hairstyles curly hair

Top 24 Unique Shaggy Hairstyles for Men

Shaggy Hairstyles for guys is widely sported by people who are artistic and rebellious. It is usually layered cutting of hair in lengths varying from long, medium to short. However, make sure the eyes aren’t covered as a result for it may look embarrassing. It is really easy to shift to this hairstyle for those possessing thick hair. Curly hairs are the ones which can be really difficult to maintain and style on a day to day basis. Visit a hairstylist and get a haircut which compliments your mirthful nature to a greater extent. Thick hairs with shaggy haircuts are well sported by young people. Read more about Top 24 Unique Shaggy Hairstyles for Men

slicked back undercut fade with beard

Top 21 Short Hairstyles for Men

The popular short hairstyles for men primarily include the following mentioned below: Angular Fringe This look involves cutting the side hair of the head and allowing the growth of frontal hair with slight angular cutting. Spikes This particular style has become quite popular and involves using gel to fix the hair firmly in a single […]

8 Trendy Undercut Buns or Top Knots

The undercut and man burn styles are combined to achieve the top knot aka undercut bun look. This trend is gradually gaining popularity over the years. Some youngsters prefer this look with grown out beard, tattoos and even piercings. Women are also seen at times convincing their fiancé to grow their hair in similar fashion for some fantasy at home. Men with curly or away hair can also go for the look if they’re in a mood of experimentation. You can also carry a clean shaven look with this kind of hair style to highlight other facial features. Read more about 8 Trendy Undercut Buns or Top Knots

wavy hairstyles for weddings

21 Wavy Cut Hairstyles

If you have wavy hair, a wide range of hairstyles are achievable. With so much of flexibility, the wavy hair would grow out straight to take a bend eventually. Long at the top and short at the sides look would be great. It is usually the same with length towards the front look with middle parting or side swept. The free spirited look gives you a bold and larger than life appeal. With the medium length of hair, putting some effort can give decent results. Keeping a long and hanging appearance along with beard would also give you a unique and mysterious look. Read more about 21 Wavy Cut Hairstyles