16 Types of Circle Beards for Different Faces

Circle Beards appear the moment your chin hair falls in love with your mustache and ends up joining each other. If this happens to you, it is sheer chance to celebrate the manliness of having a circle beard. Many of us tend to confuse this particular kind of beard with a goatee or a chin patch but let me tell you, they are not the same. For Square faces, this can be a rewarding experience as it adds to the personality of the individual. To give you a rough idea as how this could look on your face, we present a few circle beard images below:

circle beard images

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circle beard with stubble circle beard face circle-beard-with-sideburns circle beard tips circle beard trimming

Just a tip: Remember not to let the beard grow into a thin little point at the bottom of the chin. The beard should be a circular formation and not appear like a hairy lollipop.

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