Getting A Ronaldo Haircut: Tips and more

Among the many inspirations from the football fraternity, Cristiano Ronaldo is one such idol that is a fashion icon for many. Especially, it is a set of younger generation that is so fond of the star and follow his style and fashion religiously. Ever since he made it huge in the world of football, he has been an inspiration for many with his hairstyle as well.

In the initial days it was the messy hairstyle of Ronaldo coupled with a weird braiding that came out of the hair became popular. Cristiano Ronaldo has a curly hair which is why most of his hairstyles is seen with small layers while avoiding piling up of hair in those areas.

Ronaldo’s hairstyle is suited for men who have a squarish or an oval face. Moreover, if the hair texture is medium or preferably thick, it becomes a lot easier to sport his hairstyles. Additionally, if the hair is curly then you need not use any product to keep your styles in place.

With time he has changed hairstyles and every new style comes under the discussion among his fans across the world. The different hairstyles sported by Ronaldo is certainly a popular mens hairstyle for his followers and fans. The look with messy hair with long bangs can be seen below:

Cristiano Ronaldos messy hair with long bangs

The faux hawk hairstyle with a new twist came with its own customized style coupled with a razor side part.

ronaldo hairstyle 2014

Fans also went crazy the time when Ronaldo sported the mullet hairstyle.

ronaldo hairstyles

On one occasion Ronaldo was seen with a hairstyle having unique razor carved zig-zag on the sides. This carved pattern was believed to be the national number he wears while some even thought it to be a gesture he did for a child to whom he had donated some money.

ronaldo hairstyle new

Another Ronaldo hairstyle which is quite common is the comb over hairstyle which is neatly parted on the side and cropped pretty close to the skin. This haircut offers a very clean and decent look to a long face.

ronaldo haircut and hairstyle

Ronaldo was also seen sporting a vintage hairstyle which was quite popular among his fans. This style was pretty suited for attending formal events. It was pretty slick back haircut that was paired with a suit.

ronaldo hairstyles 2016

Hence if you are a Ronaldo fan and wish to sport any of his hairstyles, then there are certain things that need to be kept into consideration. One should ensure to keep the hair longer for styling but the sides need to be kept short. The longer section of your hair would have to be cut in an uneven shape and kept blunt. Moreover, the back of the head should sport a short on the sides but not too long.

Styling your hair like your favourite star would need you to practice the following:

  • Use gel or hair wax to style the hair from the front.
  • This needs to be followed by application over the middle area of the hair lengths over the tips and then tilted towards the left.
  • To have a dishevelled impact, it is better to use your fingers and not combs.
  • Application of hairsprays is a better idea to hold your style.

Some more hairstyles by Ronaldo:

ronaldo hairstyles all

ronaldo hairstyle 2014

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