Top 21 Long Hairstyles for Men

Choosing the best haircut for an occasion can be challenging with so many options. Growing a long hair itself can help you give a style statement. Allowing the hair length to go past the shoulders should be done by those with straight and thick hair. It may take some time to grow the hair and then style, but will be low on maintenance.  Flow & comb is another look which can be sported by working professionals. You may also walk on the red carpet keeping the hair longer on both sides and the front. Bed head mop is also a frequently sported look by the young generation.

Tips for having strong and long hairstyles for Men

Mens long hairstyle or a head full of hair is a clear indication of being in good health and shows signs of good genes too. It was quite popular among the Native Americans who loved to keep long hairs and display a connection to the earth. It also serves as a sign of status and wealth which was so popular since the old ages. Even the warriors sported long hair to display a sign of prowess and virility. Another breed of men who have just popularized men long hairstyles are the skateboarders or the surfers. Moreover, it is quite an in thing among the celebrities as well.

There are many reasons for men to keep long hair which may include:

  1. Avoiding frequent visit to the Barber
  2. Lifestyle changes
  3. Working like a workhorse
  4. Attract women and stand out in the crowd

However, to have a long hair certainly needs efforts which include regular shampooing, using hydrated products which nourish and moisturize the hair, conditioning the hair, etc.

How to grow long hair fast?

It certainly needs some courage if you are looking to grow your hair long. It is only the transitional phase which might be a bit irritating and demands a lot of effort from the man’s end. Sweeping of hair from behind the ears or having difficulty while travelling are some of the other factors that can be troublesome for many.

Usually, the hair growth rate among makes is about 1.2cm per month. So if you wish to have hair as long as 10 cm, it will take you about 5 months. Be aware that there are no miracle products that can speed up the growth rate, hence you need to be patient. Yes there are some tips that might help you to make the process better and stronger, they include:

  1. Daily Aerobic exercise
  2. Proper sleep patterns
  3. Vitamin rich food
  4. Low-stress levels

Hair Care Tips to Have Long Hair

The best tool to keep your hair long and strong are your fingers. Combing is secondary, especially when you wish to sport a long hairstyle. However, if you prefer to use a comb, stick to the wide-tooth combs. Start brushing at the tips while you hold the hair with the other hand. Make sure you do not pull the scalp or the roots. If you do get some tangles, fingers are the best tools to avoid and damage or stretching of the strands. This also makes sure you do not break your hair or have split ends.

It is also not mandatory to wash your hair on a daily basis. Doing so might make the hair look dry and brittle. The best thing to care about your hair would be to use a good conditioner that limits the tangles, provides moisture and replaces the natural oils. A strict no is to wash your hair with hot water. You may use a mild warm or cold water that will facilitate shine to your hair. These things are pretty essential when it comes to preserving the length of your hair. In case you do not give adequate care, you will start experiencing breakage as well as other hair problems when they grow long.

Different Types of Long Hairstyles

Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of hairstyles, they are:

  1. Up style: Here the hair gets tied, it may be the entire hair or a substantial fraction. Popular styles here are the man bun, ponytail, top knots, etc.
  2. Down Style: Leave the hair the way they like.

However, if we look at the available kinds of hairstyles a man may sport, there are actually 10 of them. They are:

  1. Middle Part: Common among the list, middle part long hairstyles for men includes parting the hair from the center and using the fingers or the comb to shape the hair as you like.
  2. Side Part: It is a trendy yet stylish mens long hairstyle which involves creating two temples on either of the sides. A funny yet a common notion where a man is termed as gay in Spain is when they part their hair from the right.
  3. Slicked back: Having a long slicked back hairstyle would need you to use a hair gel that holds the hair strongly in the slicked manner.
  4. Side Fringe: You need to grow your hair up to 7 cm in length for this.
  5. Ponytail: It is definitely the most popular haircut when you wish to have a long hairstyle.
  6. Man Bun: Been popular since ages, it depicts class and is usually seen a favourite among intellectuals.
  7. Cornrows: It needs you to grow hair upto the length of 7cm. Essentially not so long, these give some aesthetically pleasing look to a man’s personality.
  8. Skaterboy: A typical hairstyle mostly popular by the skaters or the surfers. Here the ends of the hair needs to look shaggy where in the side part is kept quite deep.
  9. Shaggy: A complete striking hairstyle which is common for a casual as well as a formal look. Here you need a good gel or pomade for styling the hair. Suitable for people with silky hair.
  10. Wavy Mane: This is for all those men who have a voluminous or a free flowing hair. Appearing with curls around the face and the back, the longer the hair gets, the better it looks on you.

The following are some of the most stylish mens haircuts that work with almost any guy. Customization and styling are completely a personal affair, but long guys haircuts certainly need you to give adequate care.


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