Why do Razor Burns Happen and How to Prevent Them?

Razor burns from clippers or razors are something which every man will have to deal with every now and then. However, if you are following the right steps, this can be subsided and prevented. Some of the handy tips which include the knowledge about the causes, prevention and treatments may well be the best way forward.

The 1st and foremost thing is to know, what is razor burn?

razor burns symptomsAlso referred to as razor rash, it is an irritation that is caused majorly due to dry shaving. Other factors leading to such a problem include aggressive shaving or usage of dull blades. The irritation starts just a few minutes after you have completed shaving. Sometimes it is so bad that it leads to the creation of rashes around the shaving region. Razor Burns and ingrown hairs are two different problems, while the first leads to irritation the latter causes razor bumps.

What are the Causes for Razor Burn?

The two most important Razor Burns causes are:

  • Dry shaving: Make sure you use a shaving cream every time you shave. These creams are packed with the skin-protecting lubricants that are capable of helping the razor glide across the face. Being hydrated, the facial hair becomes soft and swells facilitating the razor to glide smoothly. Contrary to Dry shaving where there can be a lot of tug and pulling, shave creams ensure that they leave less scrapping over your skin and do not result in any form of irritation.
  • Pressing hard: Aggressive shaving is a strict no irrespective of how quickly you would like to end your shaving session. Pressing too hard or trying to get things done quickly would definitely lead to irritation on your face. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended that you tread very lightly over the layer of the shaving gel or cream while keeping the face in the centre fold.

How to prevent Razor Burns?

how do razor burns lookThere are a few recommended prevention tips for razor burns that can eventually help you avoid such scenarios from arising. Some of them are:

  • Swap the blades: The moment you start feeling any form of discomfort from using your blades, it indicates that it’s time to swap them with new ones. Besides ensuring that you use some of the best available blades in the market, makes sure they are replaced and you do not use dull or bad ones. It is one of the most vital razor burn cures that should not be neglected.
  • Avoid getting burnt due to Re-strokes: Research indicates that every time you shave, the number of strokes done touches 170. Surprisingly, it shows that 120 out of these are re-strokes. After you have removed the shave cream with the 1st stroke, the re-strokes have decreased lubrication. This in turn, can lead to irritation. The market offers blades that have the capacity of shielding this irritation by providing lubrication both before and after the shave.
  • Tread very lightly: Your face is a very sensitive region, hence make sure you shave with the grain by using a very limited pressure over the area. This will help in avoiding any form of razor burn or even cuts and irritations.

Razor Burns Treatment

razor burn preventionIn case you are trying the best and still feeling some form of razor burn, it might require you to take additional measures. The best thing to treat any form of razor burns is to keep the skin hydrated. It can be done by moisturizing the region by using a lotion or a shave gel that is capable of replenishing the moisture and leaving your skin feel a lot more comfortable. There are a few basic Razor Burns home remedies that are pretty handy and natural when it comes to treating them.

How long do Razor Burns last?

Usually, a Razor Burn is felt a few minutes after you complete your shaving. It might irritate you for the entire day or two but should not last more than that.

Razor Burn Essential Oils

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