Top 21 Short Hairstyles for Men

The popular short hairstyles for men primarily include the following mentioned below:

Angular Fringe

Angular Fringe kpop
Angular Fringe Hairstyle

This look involves cutting the side hair of the head and allowing the growth of frontal hair with slight angular cutting.


Spikes hair style Indian
Spikes Hair Cut

This particular style has become quite popular and involves using gel to fix the hair firmly in a single direction.


Caesar Haircut Fade
Caesar Hairstyle Men

This involves cutting off side hairs and applying gels to lift the front long hair in the upward direction.

Burr cut

Burr cut millitary
Burr cut haircuts

It is a style which mainly seeks to provide an almost bald appearance of the head. The hair is cropped almost to the lowest length to make it hardly visible over the head.

Crew cut

Crew cut Fade
Crew cut Hair

It involves a complete shortening of hair in the sides and allowing long hair in the crown portion. Use of gel will lift the long air in the upward.


Mohawk Hairstyles
Mohawk Haircut

To have such a style it is necessary to clip all hair below the minimal length and just having a narrow strip of hair in the middle portion of the head.

Layered crop cut

Short Layered crop
Layered crop cut

The style involves cutting of hair in multiple layers and mixing it with the help of gel to produce odd matched symmetry.

High and Tight

High and Tight Haircut
High and Tight Fade Hairstyles

This style involves minimal clipping of hair on the sides and back of the head while the top air is not so much shortened. There are no smooth edges, unlike the crew cut.

Side Part

Side Part Undercut
Side Part Haircut

This style is very easy to perform and just needs the parting of the hair on one side of the head and sweeps it with the help of hair fixer.


black hairstyle silhouette
men hairstyle silhouette

To have the style, it is essential to cut the hair quite short and makes it hardly visible in the bald. Then applying fixer to have a proper fixture of the chopped hairs.


curls hairstyles for medium hair
Mens Hairstyles Curls

This style involves minimal efforts and can be easily obtained by leaving the hair unorganized while drying. Follow it up by applying fixer or gel to make the hair curly twisted.

Thatch with shine finish

thatch with a high shine finish
Thatch with shine finish hairstyle

The look involves the shortening of hair on the sides and keeping the hair in the middle long and condensed into thatch with the help of a fixer.

Classic undercut

Classic undercut Round Face
Classic undercut Hairstyle

This style gives a retro appearance to the individuals and involves undercutting of moderate variation.

Business style

business hairstyle
Business Man Hairstyle

Its one of those styles which involve drying of hair and then using styling clay to have a medium or high hold on the particular position of the head.

Pompadour style

Pompadour Undercut
Pompadour Hairstyle

It is another classic hairstyle with a single variation of a narrow outing in the side of the head.

Slicked Back Undercut

slicked back undercut fade with beard
Slicked Back Undercut Hairstyle Men

It involves reducing the length of hair and then spreading it in the back with the help of hair fixer.

Cropped style

cropped hairstyles for round faces
Cropped Hairstyle

It involves a medium shortening of the hair and then with the help of texture, producing the desired shape.

Smart style

Smart style

This involves longer hair on top and shorter hair on the sides. Using gel the shape can be adjusted easily.

Faded upsweep

Faded upsweep haistyle
Faded Upsweep Haircut

It is a strange style with high upsweep of hair in front.

Short shag

short shag cuts
Short Shag Haircuts

It involves short and medium cut round the head for free movement.

Heavy Gradient

heavy gradient haircut
Heavy Gradient

This involves the transformation of hair from thick, thin and finally ended in taper cut.

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