Top 11 Professional styled hairstyles for men

Medium length hair is one of the most popular styles sported by men. It has a sensuous and edgy feel which also makes it more versatile than other styles. Your hair can be styled accordingly to suit the occasion that you’d like to attend. Dapper and distinguished gives an evergreen look which provides an air of sophistication. Length at the front is another style in this context which can impress your female colleagues. Long at the top and short at the sides is another highly followed medium hairstyles for men.  With a proper gel, comb and other styling tools, it is possible to achieve the look.

Classic taper haircut

classic taper hairstyle pictures

Ivy league cut

Ivy league haircut

Butch haircut

Butch cut

Stylish and neat hairstyle

Stylish and neat hairstyle

Low fade haircut styles

Low fade cuts

Close cropped hair

close cut hairstyles

The modern quiff hair

The modern quiff haircut diagram

Messy and curly styled

Curly professional haircut

Classic side cut

side cut hairstyle

Professional flow style

Flow hairstyle

Long buzz cut

Long buzz cut styles


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