Top 14 Business Casual Short Hairstyles

The trend to have short and stylish hairstyle is becoming quite popular with men. Such styles add to their glamor and personality. Besides many corporate sectors are favoring stylish short hair styles for their employees that are perfect for any casual board meeting and other official events. Some of the popular styles have been mentioned below:

Brit Pop Crop

Brit Pop Crop Haircut
Involves a slight shortening of side hair and then applying gel spread over the hair in the crown portion. It is a popular style of British nationals.

Buzz cut

Buzz cut hair cut short
It is quite suitable for official purposes and involves a minimal shortening of hair. Then with the help of hair fixer or gel, individuals can obtain the desired look.

Catwalk Cut

Catwalk Cut Hairstyle
Quite popular among the African people, it involves entire cropping of the hair to a minimal length. With the application of hair-fixer suitable style can be obtained.

Short Curly

Short Curly Hairstyle for men
Involves cutting of hair to a decent length and then making it curly after drying with the help of fixer or hair gel in any position of the head. This style involves less time and is applicable for all purposes.

Classic undercut

Classic undercut Hairstyle
A popular short hairstyle that involves the shortening of hair on the sides and decent cutting of crown portion hair which can be held on to any stylish position with the help of good quality of gel.

Spiked short hairstyle

Spiked short hairstyle for men
It involves reducing hair length in the side and allowing the crown portion hair to be at a decent length. Then with the help of fixer it can be held upwards. This style provides a decent personal glamor to the individuals. Certain celebrities also endorse these styles in their film premiers.

Surf’s Up

Surf’s Up Hairstyle
This style is growing popular among service professionals and it involves minimal shortening of hair in the sides and holding the crown hair high with the help of good quality hair holder gel. It provides a cool and smart impression to the personality of the individuals.


Silhouette Hairstyle for men
This style involves entire cutting of hair to a very minimum length and making it hardly visible in the bald. Then with the help of gel, such fragmented hair can be made to look shiny and attractive.

Slicked back

Slicked back hairstyle
This style involves the shortening of hair in the sides and back and keeping it to a decent height in the front. Then with the help of fixer it can be held firmly in the back.

Neat Nick

Neat Nick haircut
This style is quite casual and it involves cutting of different layers of hair in a separate length and can be easily arranged with the help of fixer.

Side part Pompadour

Side part Pompadour hairstyle
This style provides a cool casual retro look and is quite ideal for office and other corporate parties and events.

High top fade

High top fade haircut
This style is quite appropriate for any official event and involves slight grown hair in front only which can be held with the help of fixer.

Short wavy haircut

Short wavy hairstyle
This style is quiet ideal for any business summit and involves holding of hair in front.

Top waves with side part

Top waves with side part haircut
This another short hairstyle for ethnic people and can be suitable for any casual business occasion.


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