Top 15 Hairstyles for Men with Thin Hair

Thin hair of men may happen because of genetic reasons or because of general transformation with the passage of time. Now we shall mention popular hairstyles for men having thin hairs which can add style to their personality to a great extent. These styles mainly include the following:

Faux hawk

faux hawk boy

Men need to dry their thin hair with a towel and then they need to blow the dry hair from the front. They can use stylish gel and form flow from the upper and middle sides of the head using their finger.

Textured top

textured top hairstyle

This hairstyle can be done by blowing the dry hair on top lift in the front. Individuals need to use hair gel for proper holding of the hair and then pushing it in the front using fingertips.

Short Silhouette

short silhouette hairstyle

To have this style individual needs to ask the barber for considerable fading of the hair from up to down and keep the sides quite short. Then with the help of gel they can display these shortened hairs stylishly.


side parted ponytails

This hairstyle is quite genteel and is suitable for any occasion. This style involves proper spreading of hair in a particular direction. The style works for every man irrespective of face types.


slicked back hairstyle

This style does not adversely affect the growth and formation of hair. In order to have this style individual needs to select appropriate products for styling. Stylish creams and waxes with proper matt finish are ideal for such thin hairstyle.

Low Sweep

Low sweep haircut

This style is quite appropriate for official purposes. To have this style individuals have to comb the front portion of the hair in a disorderly manner over the forehead and remaining hair to be combed downwards in the front.

Boardroom Bravado

Boardroom Bravado haircut

This style is ideal for middle-aged persons. To have the style it is necessary to part the hair in the side and dry it. Then with the help of stylish clay the hair can be hold to the position.


curly hairstyles for men

Making the thin hair curly is the most favorable way of exhibiting one’s inner personality. Besides, it makes thin hair quite voluminous in appearance.

Disheveled Look

long Disheveled hair

To get this style, men need to have a hair cut in point cutting ends with medium style holding products.


shaggy hair

To get such type of style there is no need of cutting the hair. Instead making the hair tousle with finger while drying it and then applying gel to make it stylish.

Side Savvy

savvy hairstyle

This style involves keeping the one side of the hair long while the remaining portion quite short.

Crew Cut

crew cut

It involves shortening of side hairs and leaving long hair on the central part of head.

Bad Boy Look

bad boy look fashion

The style is appropriate for angular faces and involves side hair cutting with firm holding gel.

Caesar cut

Caesar cut 2016

It involves long hair in the front and crisp cutting on the back and the side of the head.

Short and structured

structured hairstyle of men

This style involves proper cutting of the side hair with facial hair to give a proper glow to the look.

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